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Rotated quarterly, and offering a variety of mediums from photography and 2-dimensional wall art to fashion and sculpture, the Delano Art Series provides an added dimension to the Delano Las Vegas experience. Photograph & Atrist Credit: Copyright Nancy Good -

Current Art Installations

See, Touch & Go Dream – The Burning Tapestries

Capturing her experiences in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, artist Nancy Good creates kaleidoscopic tapestries for her installation in the Delano Las Vegas lobby. Originating from Good’s residencies at Burning Man—an annual event described as an experiment in community and art—her tapestries emulate the vibrant atmosphere and spontaneity of this renowned event. In this installation, Good emphasizes the radiance of the desert landscape by showcasing the flora, fauna, and humans found amongst the sandy rocks through gem-like patterns.

artLIVE! 2018 Mannequins

Once again, in coordination with The Las Vegas Fashion Council, fashion and art collide with ten, beautifully hand-painted mannequins displayed throughout the Delano lobby. The mannequins will be on display in the lobby through October 18 and available for purchase during the artLIVE! 2018 auction on October 19 at Zappos Headquarters. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Las Vegas Fashion Council and arts community. For more information or tickets to the event, please visit

2017 Art Installations

Collectif 1806

In conjunction with Collectif 1806, Delano Las Vegas showcased eight rare cocktail books for perusal. The books span over 100 years and were carefully curated to accurately portray the evolution and art of the cocktail.

The artLIVE!
by Las Vegas Fashion Council

In coordination with the Las Vegas Fashion Council, Delano Las Vegas showcased 10 mannequins that are works of art by 10 individual artists. These mannequins were on display for approximately three months, culminating in an auction at The Smith Center on May 25 that benefited the Las Vegas Fashion Council and the Las Vegas Arts Community.


The collection’s five pieces appear to be digitally composed art, but upon closer inspection guests will discover that the works are comprised of the female figure; 500 to be exact. Utilizing photographs with 12 – 15 women at a time, Hon spent more than 700 hours contorting and layering 500 bodies into each remarkable piece of art. 

2016 Art Installations

by Cristian Aluas

“SpaceTime Kinetics” is a concept-driven art series featuring pieces inspired by the relationships people create with each other and the energy each person shares with the universe. Aluas uses this motivation to design sophisticated, thought-provoking three-dimensional works of art.

by Robert Knight and Maryanne Bilham 

Defiantly Inspired, the exhibition, expresses the persona of Delano Las Vegas with icons of rock history and emerging talent of the future. Playing on the rebellious, bold and challenging nature of rock and roll, the exhibit shares defiance in its ultimate form.

Organic Matter

"ORGANIC MATTER," is an exhibition of designs in wool fiber by fashion students from Pratt Institute. This exhibition brilliantly showcases the talent and ingenuity of Pratt students while illustrating the power of collaboration between creative minds.